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RMMFI Graduates a New Boot Camp Class – 7 New Businesses Launched!

RMMFI Boot Camp Class #3 Launches 7 Businesses

New Businesses achieving SUCCESS!


For the Graduation Celebration of Boot Camp Class #3, the Denver Beer Company was packed with RMMFI Community members; over 90 of you joined us to celebrate the Graduation of Boot Camp Class #3, and the launch of 7 new businesses!

These 7 Businesses are already experiencing success:

  • In her first weekend selling jewelry at the Mile High Marketplace, Chelly of Chelly’s Dazzling Jewelry, sold-out of product and created $700 of profit!
  • Eneri of the Maple Street Pie Company has already sealed the deal to sell her pies at Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, the Chef Driven Food Truck, and Fluid Coffee Bar.
  • Kathryn of 4Ever Green Cleaning has grown from providing housecleaning to 2 families to 16 families.
  • Zak of D.E.A.D. Academy finished his first session of classes and is ready for the next.
  • David of One Big World Travel is attending numerous networking events and planning the upcoming trips of 2 RMMFI Mentors.
  • John works every day at Penny Pincher’s Thrift – earning enough revenue in his first month to cover all business expenses.
  • Anna of ThornApple Mercantile is officially in business as she sold her first quilt.

6 of the 7 Boot Campers received loans totaling ~$12,000. Across all 3 Boot Camp classes, RMMFI has disbursed over $25,000 in loans and 100% of Boot Camp loans are being paid back on time every month.

THANK YOU to the 35 volunteers (see photo for some of them) who donated their time and talent to make this Boot Camp a success!

Boot Camp Class #3 – you are AMAZING & We Urge You Endlessly On!

Boot Camp #4 begins May 7th with 10 budding entrepreneurs. To get involved or for more info on Boot Camp Graduates, please – get in touch!

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