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Reclaiming the Heart of Microfinance

Presented by DU’s Korbel School of International Studies
and Colorado Microfinance Alliance

The modern microfinance movement was born of the desire to make a real difference in the fight against global poverty, but became a victim of its own success when in 2010 the industry saw major challenges in places like India, Morocco, Bolivia, and Bosnia. Renewed efforts to reclaim the social purpose of microfinance have proliferated and are working to rehabilitate its tarnished reputation.

Date: November 13th 2013

Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Location: University of Denver Josef Korbel School of International Studies – 2201 S. Gaylord, Denver. It is in Cherrington Hall, room Sie 150.

Speaker: JD Bergeron

JD Bergeron is the Executive Director of Truelift. He has over 17 years of experience in international development, microfinance, and not-for-profit management, including Kiva Microfunds, Accion International, and the U.S. Peace Corps. He worked most recently as Senior Director of Social Performance at Kiva, where he developed the social performance strategy, scorecard, and badges, completed 100+ social audits of microfinance partners, and led the growth of the Kiva Fellows Program. He is actively involved with the Smart Campaign’s Client Voice Task Force, the Social Performance Task Force, the Responsible Inclusive Finance Working Group, CERISE SPI, and the Social Performance Committee of Friendship Bridge in Guatemala. He is a graduate of Washington University in Saint Louis and a frequent speaker in college classrooms about socially motivated microfinance.

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