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Industry News Update (exciting Colorado news!)

Industry Update

Exciting news on a new initiative in Colorado between Accion and Samuel Adams and much more!


Boston Beer Co. expands loan program to Colorado

By Steve Raabe, Denver Post

Boston Beer Co. announced today that is expanding a small-business loan and coaching program to Colorado.


Colorado startups get a boost from Boston brewer’s microloan program

By Steve Raabe, Denver Post

A story on the first two Brewing the American Dream clients in Colorado.


Samuel Adams ‘Brewing the American Dream’ Microfinance Expands NationwideBy By Marcy Franklin,

Twenty-eight years ago, a brewer with big dreams set out to sell his family’s lager. He took his chilled beer bottles, packed them in a briefcase, and headed to Boston’s many bars to sell his stuff. Brewing small batches in his kitchen, he transformed from a door-to-door beer salesman to the founder and brewmaster of one of the world’s biggest beer companies in the country.


Business Loans and Hand-Holding, Beer Optional

By Nick Leiber, Business Week

When Jim Koch launched the Boston Beer Co. (SAM) in 1984, he learned that ventures like his shouldn’t waste time trying to get a bank loan. “What one of the bankers said to me was, ‘We’re not in the business of taking risks. We don’t get paid to take risks. Look at our margins.”


Starbucks backs farmers’ loan fund

By Louise Lucas,

The new fund, set up by a trio including Grameen Foundation, … Fair-trade farmers in Latin America, where the fund will start, say more than half the …


Small-Business Lending Summit Features Obama Administration’s Top Appointees, Elected Politicians and Industry Leaders

By Jerry Chautin

How do you get three of the Obama administration’s top appointed officials to speak at a day-long seminar? The answer is to tell them it is about job creation, small business and unlocking the availability of credit for businesses to form and expand — all hot election year topics.


VIDEO: Grameen America Turns 4


Grameen America celebrates 4 years of successful microlending in the United States.

Citi Releases 2011 Global Citizenship Report

By Citigroup, Inc., WSJ MarketWatch

Citi today released its 12th annual Global Citizenship Report, detailing the bank’s progress and performance against key environmental and social indicators. Highlights of the report include Citi surpassing its 2011 goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 10% and the Citi Foundation reaching 1.6 million people to date through grants that expand financial inclusion and economic empowerment.

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