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Industry Update


It’s been a while since the last update….and there’s been a bunch of news!


Collaborating on Job Growth: The NYSE Big StartUp

By Michelle Greene, NYSE Exchanges

Today, NYSE Euronext launched an exciting new program that we believe will have a large impact – The NYSE Big StartUp, a nationwide jobs-growth initiative designed to connect young companies and entrepreneurs with corporate America.


The NYSE Big StartUp(SM), a Nationwide Jobs Growth Initiative, Connects Startups and Entrepreneurs with Corporate America to Accelerate New Business, Funding and Success

PRESS RELEASE, Wall Street Journal

NEW YORK, Mar 21, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The NYSE Big StartUp(SM), a nationwide jobs-growth initiative designed to connect young companies and entrepreneurs with corporate America, was launched today by NYSE Euronext (NYX) in collaboration with Accion, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and The Startup America Partnership.


NYSE, biz groups create startup mentoring program

By Associated Press, Yahoo Finance

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Stock Exchange and three groups that work to help startups are launching a program designed to help smaller companies create jobs.


MICROCAPITAL BRIEF: Freedom from Hunger, Oikocredit to Implement Protection Through Microfinance Institutions in Ecuador, Peru

By Charlotte Newman,

Freedom from Hunger, a US-based non-governmental organization that aims to alleviate poverty, and Oikocredit, a Dutch cooperative investment fund, plan to partner with six microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the Andes mountains of Ecuador and Peru to implement Freedom from Hunger’s microfinance and health protection model.


Microfinance in America?

By Elmira Bayrasli, Forbes

Lending Sufia Khatun a small sum to make and sell bamboo stools in her Bangladeshi village back in 1974 placed Muhammad Yunus at the heart of a radical movement. It is a movement that has come to be known as “microlending” and one that has radically transformed poverty alleviation efforts throughout the developing world.

NYSE Big StartUp could mean more small biz loans in New Mexico

By Megan Kamerick, New Mexico Business Weekly

A new national initiative to connect startups and entrepreneurs with corporate America will mean more lending capital in New Mexico.


Reid Hoffman Tries to Change the World in $25 Increments

By Ken Bernhard, Jr.,

The angel investor and partner at Greylock Ventures has put up $1 million for 40,000 individual $25 loans to would-be entrepreneurs through Kiva, reported today. He isn’t doling out the loans himself. Instead, users of the site where individuals can make microloans to developing-world entrepreneurs can sign up for and use Hoffman’s and other “friends of Kiva” money.


Incentives for Social Targets at Microfinance Investment Funds

By Julie Shea, Center for Financial Inclusion Blog

Large scale commercialization of microfinance institutions (MFIs) has led to an increased focus on profitability and with that a growing fear of “mission drift.” In an industry facing increased demands for both social and financial performance…


Accion Unites Globally Around New Shared Identity

By Media Center

Accion®, a pioneer and leader in global microfinance, today announced the launch of its new global identity. (Also shared by PR Newswire)


‘We had to find a way to change microfinance…’

By Vikram Asula (excerpt from A Fistful of Rice)

It was the summer of 1995 when a woman in rural India asked the simple, five-word question that changed my life. I was an idealistic graduate student, working in India on a Fulbright scholarship and determined to change the world.


Month of Microfinance Starts in April

By bboyer, University of Mary Washington

The 2012 Month of Microfinance, based at the University of Mary Washington, will make its national debut this April at dozens of college campuses across the country.


Microangels and Microequity: The Missing Ingredients of Microfinance

By Arvind Ashta, et al, Microfinance Focus

Microfinance, associated for over 35 years with Mohammad Yunus, the Grameen Bank, Opportunity International, Finca, Accion and many others, has brought to the poor and unbanked, the availability of micro loans and micro-insurance in exchange for micro-savings.


Supporting Entrepreneurship in the Developing World: Microfinance in the US

By Anneliese Guess, Bertelsmann Stiftung Future Challenges

In recent years microfinance organizations have become a popular way for US Americans to support entrepreneurship and small businesses in the developing world.


Kiva Announces $1 Million in Free Trials Funded by Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn

By  Market Watch, Wall Street Journal

Kiva, the world’s first and largest microlending platform, and Reid Hoffman, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs, are joining forces to alleviate poverty and open the doors of entrepreneurship worldwide…
Crowd-funding bill by Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado passes U.S. Senate
By Allison Sherry, Denver Post

A measure that will make it easier for regular people to invest in a startup business passed the U.S. Senate on Thursday.

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