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Last Industry News Update of 2012!

Industry Update/Event

Happy almost New Year!

Please enjoy the last update of 2012 and have a great 2013!

Our Year to Remember

Accion U.S. Network Blog

As 2012 draws quickly to a close, we wanted to reflect on what the Accion U.S. Network has accomplished together with its valuable partners and members. And what better way than diving into our media archives and sharing the highlights?


Critique of Microcredit as a Development Model

Pursuit—A University of Tennessee Journal

The field of microcredit has expanded rapidly since the 1980s as an economic means of lifting people out of poverty. Generally, microcredit has been accepted as an effective method for empowering both individuals and communities. In recent years, however, critics have brought to light some of the problems associated with microlending.


Microloans Add Impact On Small Business Lending


Money is a very important resource while doing business. Even a small amount helps to make a big difference. Micro lenders have started granting small loans to entrepreneurs. So, the money that they lend, though may be smaller in amount, makes a big impact.


Starbucks Program Benefits Small Business Development

My FOX Houston

Accion Texas Regional President Joseph Gonzalez spoke on Accion Texas’ participation in the Create Jobs for USA program


Crowdfunding Predictions for 2013


So if 2012 was the year that put “crowdfunding” into America’s collective lexicon, what will 2013 hold for the nascent industry? Here are three predictions for crowdfunding in 2013…


TripAdvisor teams with microlender Kiva

Boston Herald


Travel website TripAdvisor has launched a partnership with the nonprofit Kiva connecting travelers with borrowers in countries the travelers have visited.Through the partnership, when a traveler reviews a hotel, vacation rental, restaurant or attraction in a Kiva-supported country on one of TripAdvisor’s English-language sites, that reviewer is eligible to make a $25 micoloan to a recipient in that country.


JP Morgan Chase Partners with Accion to Offer Loans and Grants to Small Business Owners Affected by Sandy

Accion East and Online, a leading U.S. microlender with over twenty years of lending history in New York City, announced a grant commitment of $250,000 by The JPMorgan Chase Foundation to expand its Sandy Recovery Business Loan Program to $725,000 in loan capital plus $108,000 in grant funding, for a total of $833,000 in support to hard-hit small businesses.


How To Apply For A Loan From A Small Business Lender


Small business owners are generally pretty terrible at applying for business loans. I know this because I am the CEO of a small business lender and I see scores of loan applications that leave me scratching my head. Loan applicants only get one chance to make a bad first impression and, strangely, most business owners make the most of that opportunity.

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