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Two Great Volunteer Positions in Microfinance (domestic & international)

Volunteer Opportunity with The Adelante Foundation!

The mission of The Adelante Foundation is to help the poorest women in rural Honduras improve their standard of living.  Since its foundation in 2000, Adelante has provided small loans and education to women, enabling them to start and grow businesses.

About Adelante:

 Adelante was founded in 2000 in response to the devastation Hurricane Mitch left in its destructive wake. Hurricane Mitch was one of the most violent weather phenomena to hit Central America in the twentieth century.  Approximately 11,000 people were killed, an estimated 7,000 in Honduras alone[1].  By comparison, the death toll from Hurricane Mitch was more than 400 percent greater than that of Hurricane Katrina.  Additionally, as a result of Hurricane Mitch, ECLAC estimates 3.8 billion dollars in total material losses, including an estimated 70 percent loss of Honduran crops and transportation infrastructure[2].

The detrimental effects on the economic progress of Honduras as a result of Hurricane Mitch have been astounding.  Currently, 27.9 percent of the population is unemployed[3] with 48 percent living below the national poverty line and more than 20 percent living on less than one dollar a day[4].  According to The United Nations Development Program, Honduras is the poorest country in Central America and the second poorest country in the western hemisphere behind Haiti[5].

Adelante follows the Grameen Methodology. We lend to solidarity groups. We are unique in Honduras in that we offer free education as part of our program. Our education department has developed over sixty lessons in business, health, and human rights.

Please see our website for more information:


Description of Volunteer Position:

This is a unique opportunity for someone who is looking for field experience and who enjoys traveling and bringing to life the untold stories of a marginalized population. It is a chance to work with microfinance, in the field with borrowers. You will be based in La Ceiba on the north coast of Honduras in the department of Atlántida and required to travel to the departments of Yoro, Colon, Cortes, Intibucá, and Choluteca. You will coordinate with the credit officers in each region and attend assemblies where you will see micro credit in action. At this time you will interview clients, visit their businesses and homes and write their stories for the Adelante newsletter and grant/fundraising purposes.


-Have a strong desire to work with the rural poor of Honduras and tell their stories

-Speak Spanish – there is only one English speaker at Adelante; the clients who you will be interviewing and the field staff who you will be coordinating with only speak Spanish

-Be an excellent writer

-Be an independent traveler: You must be comfortable traveling around Honduras alone on buses and staying overnight in hotels. Traveling will be of the “backpack” type; this is not business travel.

-Be able to travel on the back of a motorcycle


Objectives and Outcome:

– Five interviews and client stories for each of the five agencies

-KIVA client profiles with follow-up; you will be the main contact with

-A 1 pg. monthly newsletter story

-Web photos and content



Duration: 6 to 12 months

Compensation: All in-country travel expenses will be covered (relevant to the position), plus a monthly stipend and a cell phone.

Accion New Mexico – Arizona – Colorado
Bilingual Client Services Internship (Spanish/English)
Denver, CO 
Mission: ACCION New Mexico · Arizona · Colorado (ACCION)is an award-winning 501(c)(3) domestic microfinance organization that increases access to business credit, makes loans, and provides training to enable entrepreneurs to realize their dreams and be catalysts for positive economic and social change. Our mission is to give hardworking entrepreneurs the tools to build small businesses so they can support their families, build assets and create jobs.
ACCION is a fast-paced, growing, client-centered and performance-based organization that seeks individuals with a passion for helping people and supporting local business development. Team members have gift for building relationships and communicating the ACCION brand of exceptional, warm customer service with a high degree of integrity, accountability, professionalism and fun!
The ACCION Client Service Internship program is a unique, experiential-based learning opportunity for graduate-level students and professionals with a passion for microfinance. The internship provides a long-term professional affiliation that provides employment and networking opportunities, fun alumni events and exposure to the latest developments in domestic microfinance. Interns have the chance to shadow the work of ACCION staff members, learn how to set and achieve goals and observe how high-impact organizations succeed.
Client Service Interns work under close supervision of ACCION loan officers as loan assistants. Interns process and manage loan files and assist with customer service needs, including underwriting issues and such administrative tasks as:
·         Upholds organizational values, ethics and code of conduct at all times and ensures strict confidentiality of financial records.
·         Performs initial screening interviews of new applicants in person and over the phone
·         Scans and uploads documents for applications when directed
·         Creates new applications in /Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) when client submits hard copy applications to lenders
·         Conducts UCC research on applicants when directed.
·         Conducts reference checks when directed
·         Values proposed collateral in loan applications when directed
·         Assists clients with vehicle and property title needs during the application process under the direction of the supervising loan officer.
·         Pulls credit and runs auto reviews for lenders when they are in the field as directed.
·         Processes declined and withdrawn letters on behalf of the Loan Assistant.
·         Provides support when directed by lender on prospective client inquiries, creating a positive initial encounter for prospective clients and a warm handoff to loan officers in addition to providing information about resources and alternatives to those who may not qualify.
·         Ensures Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is maintained and that inquiry and partner transaction information is up to date when directed.
·         Passion for ACCION’s mission and sense of humor
·         Team player, honest, and highly accountable
·         Outstanding interpersonal skills and positive, effective communicator
·         Excellent judgment
·         Goal-oriented, organized, excellent follow-through
·         Proactive with excellent planning and prioritizing skills
·         Good listener, flexible and receptive to feedback
·         Independent, self-managing and will see work through to completion
Internship duration and weekly time commitment: the Client Service Internship requires a 6 month commitment of 15-20 hours per week, 3-4 hours per day.
Orientation/training is a 3- 5 day core/required element of the Client Service Internship. Out of state travel expenses (airfare, hotel and meals) will be paid for by ACCION.
TO APPLY: please send a cover letter and resume to Please visit our website for more information about our organizational mission and values.

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