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CMA Board Member Bob Sample’s Paper on Moving 100 Million Families out of Severe Poverty

Moving 100 Million People Out of Severe Poverty:  How Can We Do It?  Dated 28 December 2011.  This paper was written by RESULTS microcredit specialist, Bob Sample.  The paper formed the basis for the panel of the same name conducted on 14 November 2011 at the Global Microcredit Summit in Valladolid, Spain.  The panelists who presented topics from the paper were Dr. Maricruz Lacalle-Calderon (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid-Section B on history of serving the poor), Alex Counts (Grameen Foundation-Section C on problems and criticisms), and Dr. John Hatch (FINCA-Section D on the Grand Vision).  After the Summit, the paper was extensively revised to add two calls to go all the way toward totally ending severe poverty and also to strengthen the author’s call for the microfinance industry to take the lead in the movement to end severe poverty (40 pages).

 Microcredit Summit Paper-FINAL PDF-28 Dec 11-rev


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