Colorado Microfinance

Promoting Enterprise Solutions


The Colorado Microfinance Alliance

The Colorado Microfinance Alliance is a consortium of both domestic and international microfinance practitioners, donors, educators, students, and professionals. We are committed to raising the profile of microfinance in the Colorado region through a central organization that facilitates learning opportunities for the public, microfinance practitioners, and their clients. The Alliance brings one online location that offers information about the Alliances partner organizations, a central calendar of microfinance-related activities in Colorado, and collaborative tools designed for networking and practical use for those involved in local microfinance.

The Mission

The Colorado Alliance of Microfinance Initiatives (Colorado Microfinance Alliance) is committed to promoting enterprise solutions for poverty alleviation and sustainable economies.

The Vision

  • Create awareness: Advocate in Colorado and beyond that microfinance is a solution to poverty within the United States and around the world
  • Take action: Channel and recruit resources—talent, people, money—to help the microfinance industry
  • Increase impact: Become a global leader in the microfinance industry by promoting more enabling public policies, building capacity and promoting best practices.


  1. I would like to be on your e-mail list. Congratulations on your relaunch!

  2. I work with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pueblo and we are currently in the process of starting an Incubator Program here. It would be very benficial to our program and our community if you would add me to your e-mail list. Thank you!

  3. Am wondering who the domestic partners are. Are there any Colorado or Denver micro-enterprise members?

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